Improved Design for Middle Seats Coming Soon, We Hope



Dread flying in the middle seat while your companion (or a stranger) has a window or aisle seat?

Airline Seat-Molon Labe S1 design

Images courtesy of Molon Labe Space Seating

The Molon Labe S1 Space Seat design was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration last month and designed for short-haul, low-cost airlines. According to the company, the seats will be equipped with a smartphone and tablet holder, USB port and latchless table.

This new Space Seat design was developed in Lakewood, Colorado, and lowers the middle seat a few inches and moves it slightly behind the aisle and window seats according to Molon Labe Seating CEO Hank Scott. He said, “We were just trying to make it a bit less miserable.” The results add about three inches to the middle seat by lowering and moving the seat back. “We chose the middle seat because no one loves the middle seat. We have solved the elbow wars.”

As for the armrests, the company shows them tiered so that the middle passenger uses the back end of the armrest while the aisle and window passengers use the front end. The company says one airline has already placed a large order and is in negotiations with two others.


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