Basic Packing Hacks


Pack only half of what you think you’ll need. Most people tend to over-pack. Try to pack with a color scheme in mind so that you can easily mix and match, and minimize on accessories and shoes.


Pack an expandable bag that can be used to carry items home that you purchase on your trip if your luggage does not have an expandable zipper.

Try to pack easy-care fabrics (wrinkle-free, cotton-knit, etc) which are frequently lighter weight as well.

Wrap toiletries in ziploc plastic bags in case they break or leak.

Pack a small pouch with commonly needed items including aspirin, bandages and a small sewing kit.

Include a few plastic bags for dirty or damp clothes, also ziploc-type.

The last items you pack should be the first things you’ll need when you arrive at your destination.

Pack necessary chargers for electronics devices you’ll be taking along in carry-on.

Don’t forget important travel documents like your driver’s license, passport, travel insurance and health insurance cards in carry-on.

Power Strip or 3-way socket adapter.

Small denomination tip money.

Corkscrew and bottle opener.

Sun protection – hat, lotion, glasses.



We at Getaway Dreams Come True Travel are happy to give tips, answer questions, and otherwise help in every way to assure that you have lifetime memories experiences when you book with us. You pay us for advice as we are the experts and we will always have your back.


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