Apparel You Should Always Wear on Flights, Especially Lengthy Ones


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Many of us stress about picking the perfect seat or making sure our bags make it on the plane. But how much thought do you put into staying comfortable during your hours-long flight? Board your next flight in comfort and style with these essential items (primarily for women, but some also for men).

1. Slip-On Shoes

Wearing slip-on shoes is especially ideal when you’re at the security gate. However, slip-on shoes are just as useful on board, especially on long flights when you want to relax and sleep. Just remember that no one wants to see or smell your socked feet, so keep your feet down below! Men should adhere to this recommendation as well.

2. Warm Socks

Planes always seem to be cold, so even if you plan to wear your flip-flops in the Caribbean, it’s good to wear a pair of warm socks with your slip-on shoes and put the flip-flops in your carry-on. If you’re worried about blood circulation or are planning to fly on a very long flight, you might also consider packing compression socks.

3. Leggings

A pair of pants can make or break your in-flight experience. Leggings, yoga pants, or any kind of cotton pants are ideal for flights as they don’t bind and allow air flow. Wait until you arrive at your destination for the jeans or shorts you packed in your carry-on.


Leggings and comfortable blouse

4. Wireless Bra

Yes, what you wear underneath your clothes should be considered when you’re dressing for your flight. Dig into your drawers and pull out that pair of go-to underwear that fits just right and stays put without slipping around. When choosing a bra to wear on the plane, wire-free bras are best for comfort.

5. Dark-Colored Shirt (Especially with Children in Tow)

When you’re picking out a shirt/blouse to wear on the plane, think about the three C’s: cut, color, and comfort.

  • Cut: Choose a shirt that isn’t too low cut. As we’re hauling around bags, backpacks, and kids, our shirts can get bunched and pulled. You don’t want your bag or grabby kiddo showing off anything you’d prefer to be left covered.
  • Color: Traveling with kids can be messy — wear a dark-colored shirt.
  • Comfort: Pick a shirt that you enjoy wearing. Wear one that has soft fabric and fits just right. You don’t want a shirt that digs into your collar bone or rides up your back.

6. Cardigan Sweater/Hoodie

Wearing a cardigan or hoodie can be a great way to deal with temperature changes on flights. If you’re cold, you can wear the cardigan or take it off and wrap it around yourself to warm up. Bonus points if you wear a cardigan with pockets for your phone, boarding pass, and necessities for the kids!

7. Over-sized Shawl

Pack an over-sized shawl that doubles as a fashionable scarf AND a blanket to keep you warm. Or — if you have the space in your carry-on bag — pack a travel blanket.


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