Consider Cruising for Group Travel


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Are you in charge of getting a vacation for a group of people arranged — i.e., family reunion, destination wedding or class reunion? Planning involves patience, a good rapport with everyone involved and some creative ideas; and your travel consultant/planner is the one to make suggestions, and eventually do most of the work including booking the reservations. Whether it’s a family trip or a flock of friends, you need expert assistance in order that your plans work out hassle and stress free.

Most successful group trips need a few rules made in order to avoid major scheduling conflicts or discomfort. For example, you typically need socializing space and “individual space” so everyone can spread out as well as spend time together. You also need lots of dining and recreation options that fit each participant’s budget and travel style.

We at Getaway Dreams Come True know certain vacation types are better for groups than others. Here are some great reasons why cruising is the best option of them all.

Lots of Gathering Space

Cruise ships are designed to entertain the large groups with large pool decks, huge theaters and lounges and plenty of common areas so your group won’t have to gather in your space-restricted rooms or at dinner only. On a cruise, you can assemble them nearly anywhere and spend time doing whatever you want! Most cruise lines have a lounge-type room or even a meeting room which can be reserved if the venue is not frequented by the public at a particular time.

More Privacy than a Large Vacation Rental

While it’s common to rent a single vacation rental to accommodate a large family or group, this option can leave people wishing they had more privacy. Let’s face it, not everyone wants to share a bathroom with everyone else. Plus, it’s common for even the closest of friends to want some quiet or alone time. With a cruise, every individual family unit has their own cabin to relax in, which means more privacy for everyone.

Food and Entertainment are Included

Most group trips have multiple financial worries because not everyone traveling has the same budget. Where some of your group may want to splurge on meals, for example, others may prefer the included dining options. This is also true for shows or excursions.

Either way, cruises offer something for everyone. Most restaurants on the ship are included in the cruise fare, meaning everyone can eat very well what they want without worrying about what it costs. And since most of the entertainment is included, everyone in your group can find something to do.

Things for Everyone to Do

A good group trip offers recreational opportunities for everyone — a gym for people who work out, swimming pools, games (i.e. bingo and trivia) and entertainment options, etc. Of course, cruises offer all of this and more — and all for one price everyone pays ahead of time, but choice of accommodations is made by each individual or family at their budget preference. While sailing, you’ll never run out of things to do, both as a group and individually.

Cruise Stops Give Everyone a Break


Touring at a Port

The best part about cruising is that, unlike some other group travel options, everyone gets a break each time your ship docks. You can depart the ship in a big group and enjoy an excursion together; or you can break off into individual families, singles or couples to find something to do on your own. Plus, you will find the breaks can make your group trip more dynamic and a lot more fun.

Destination Weddings

Most cruise ships offer inclusive wedding packages that can take place at the port of embarkation and some cruise lines will make arrangements for a wedding at a port of call or while sailing on the ship (usually a sea day).  Group arrangements can be made for the wedding party and/or guests interested in cruising with the bride/groom.


We at Getaway Dreams Come True can set up your group travel cruise (or other venue if desired). We also have reserved group space if you are interested in joining a group that we have arranged with our host agency, where you can meet new people/friends, which gives you the benefits and amenities of group travel. See our website page Supplier Sale Flyers for these special group options.


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