Reasons to Choose a Balcony on a Cruise

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Cruises are an exciting way to see the world. In between ports, there’s no shortage of shows, dining and pool time, so it doesn’t really matter what your room is like right? Wrong. While you don’t think you’ll spend much time in your room, you will need time to rest, recover and re-energize for the next day. And while most modern staterooms are extremely comfortable, having a balcony to experience your lifetime memories in your room is essential. Here’s why.
Greet the sun each morning. It’s nice to have your morning coffee in your bathrobe. It’s nicer to have your morning coffee in your bathrobe on your own private balcony in the middle of an expansive body of water. With your own private outdoor space, you can leisurely enjoy your morning routine, or evening routine, or just some peace and quiet.
Enjoy the scenery. You can drink, dine, and rekindle your romance in your own personal outdoor balcony space while taking in spectacular views of the sunsets and sunrises as well as the passing land scenery when arriving at or sailing from ports.  Alaska provides constantly changing scenery right off your balcony, thus we highly recommend a balcony in the Last Frontier.

Fresh air. A warm sea breeze cures what ails you, so enjoy access to the sea air. It’ll freshen your room and give you the chance to air out clothing, which could be wet from shore excursions.

Water sounds are relaxing. The sounds of the lapping ocean water lull you to sleep each night, or you can enjoy an afternoon timeout to clear your mind.

Alleviate illness. If you experience sea sickness or claustrophobia, having a view of the horizon or a little outdoor space can alleviate these conditions.

Stress Reliever.  If you have an aft balcony especially, watching the wake or just looking out at sea will relieve any tension you may have.


We at Getaway Dreams Come True Travel are familiar with many ship’s quirks regarding all kinds of cabins and can assist you in choosing the proper type and location of  your balcony stateroom.  Please call 724.752.2655 to schedule your personalized Vacation Planning Session.


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