Frequent Cruisers Tell Why Cruising is the Best Vacation Value


Zip-Lining in Labadee – photo from Royal Caribbean International

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When a travel consultant such as myself suggests a cruise as a cost-effective way to see many cultures, yet a FUN time for a couple, a family (including multi-generational family) or group get-together such as a class reunion, many people think that it’s an unusual suggestion, but I assure you it is a great idea.

There are numerous benefits to everyone of any age; cruises are not just for retired folks anymore.  Most cruise lines now have added facilities and staterooms to accommodate families and facilities are built for the physically challenged. Consider that you only unpack once, and most cruises include all you can eat 24/7,  your entertainment and your transportation from port to port aboard a floating hotel for a low cost per person per day.


Spa on Harmony of the Seas – photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Activities on board include:  one or more pools, jacuzzis, and water parks; shopping; spa services, casino gambling, games such as trivia and bingo; state of the art gym equipment; different types of shows including Broadway shows such as Grease on the Harmony of the Seas, comedians, singers, magicians and the like; dancing; and music in many forms — poolside pop or Latin band music, DJs in lounges, piano bar entertainers, and nightclub entertainment.  There are classes of many types:  fitness, art projects, different types of dance classes, photography, etc.; and movies to see both in your stateroom and poolside on a large screen on many ships; in other words, something for everyone.

Where else can you get lifetime memories with all these options for between $80 – $150 per person per day on average for basic interior accommodations? Better accommodations such as ocean view, balconies or larger staterooms cost just a little ($25-$50 per day) more. Sales or reduced rates can sometimes be found for as low as $50 per person per day, even for a balcony. More luxurious accommodations vary from a mini-suite to a Penthouse and can provide multiple bedrooms, wrap-around balconies, a dining room, kitchenette and even a Grand Piano. Group travel will incur reduced fares as well as additional perks. Of course, you can choose to do nothing at all — lounge poolside or read a book on your balcony if you so desire. Newer ships feature unusual amenities such as celebrity chef restaurants (additional fee) and activities such as miniature golf, 10-pin and lawn bowling, rock climbing, crafts, bumper cars, simulated sky-diving, and 360-degree views from 300 feet up in the North Star capsule; there’s simply too much to do on a single cruise!  In addition, there are “liquid lounges” and specialty restaurants with additional charges for food and drink.  A word of caution — cruising is addictive.


Mini-Golf on Harmony of the Seas – photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean

Many cruise lines offer “specials” or temporarily reduce prices on specific ships or cruises for short periods of time, especially those offering family cruise vacations, and we keep abreast of the most popular sales.  Whether it’s a family cruise vacation, group of friends or coworkers traveling together or a class reunion with attendees traveling from different locations, we offer pre-arranged group travel with guaranteed prices for your vacation package.  You can also ask us to make arrangements for your romantic wedding on board the ship or at a port of call.

If cruising sounds like your type of vacation, please call 724.824.3826 to schedule your personalized Vacation Planning Session.  You will be glad you chose Getaway Dreams Come True to arrange your lifetime memories vacation.


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