What Sets Getaway Dreams Come True Apart from Other Travel Agencies?



Nice, France

Travel, travel everywhere. Most travel agents will overtly agree with the idea they do not sell travel. However, too often their websites betray another self-image. On the home page of many travel agency websites, dozens of supplier logos flash at the viewer like the reels on a slot machine. Most of the text is about suppliers, supplier properties and features. In fact, there is often very little information about the travel agency at all, and what information is available is couched in vague language about “great customer service.”

Yikes. This is no way to run a truly great travel practice. That type of website invites price comparison. Travelers don’t need another place to buy travel; they need educated, professional advice on how to make intelligent buying decisions.  This is what sets Getaway Dreams Come True Travel Agency apart from the rest! Our travel agency is all about you, the client, so here is what We Are About. Our reason for being has to do with the benefits our clients receive when they do business with the agency. Listing the dozens of tour operators and suppliers would indicate more about the transactional nature of our business than it does about the relationships we build with clients. If we are nothing more than a vending machine for travel, if we simply move from one transaction to another, why should anyone do business with us as opposed to any other travel agency? If all we are doing is selling travel, then everything comes down to price. My guess is that you want personal and individual service in arranging your lifetime memories vacation.

You are unique and want a unique experience tailored to you, not the run-of-the-mill vacation everyone else is having. Our agency’s customer service cannot be found for less on the internet. Our skill set, experience, insight, care, and patience are some of the characteristics that set us apart. Our clients benefit from the remarkable combination of qualities resident in our travel practice. We have personality! That’s what sets us apart and that’s what you should be insisting on.

Travel you can get anywhere. You can only get US from us.  We look forward to creating your lifetime memories and building a lifetime relationship with you. See our website Getaway Dreams Come True and to schedule your personalized Vacation Planning Session, please call 724.752.2655.

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