Is A Cruise Travel Vacation For You?


The Owner’s Suite – Harmony of the Seas – Photo Courtesy of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

When a travel consultant such as myself suggests a cruise as a cost-effective way to see many cultures, many people think that it’s an unusual suggestion, but I assure you it is a great idea.  It’s interesting to note how different first-time cruisers are from repeat cruisers. It’s like travel consultants have to promote the new-to-cruising in a totally different way because of their expectations and misconceptions about cruising — but once you try it, you will learn that it’s totally different and better than you expected, and you begin to focus in on the things you truly enjoy about the cruise experience. Seasoned cruisers sometimes don’t even get off the ship at any of the ports because they just want the opportunity to explore the ship on their own. Most experienced and repeat cruisers find that they return to cruising more for the experiences on board than for the itinerary.    Basic advantages of a cruise experience include the following:

Ever changing ocean views –   When you stay in a resort you have one view, and one only view for your entire stay. Whether you are cruising through the Inside Passage, in Glacier Bay Alaska, through fjords of Norway, or by the islands of the Caribbean, your view will constantly be changing on a cruise.

Visit multiple places and only unpack once – Cruising allows for you to visit multiple places and you only have to unpack once.  There is no checking in and out of different hotels, unpacking/packing in every place that you visit.  Unpack on embarkation day and you are set for your entire vacation. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

No time lost traveling between places – Nothing will waste your precious vacation time than waiting at airports as you fly from one city or island to another. One of the major benefits of taking a cruise is that there is no time lost traveling between places that you visit.  As you travel from one place to another, you can have dinner, take in a Broadway or comedy show, and even indulge in a spa treatment.  Traveling doesn’t get any better than that.

Opportunity to try new cuisine – Afraid of ordering something that you never tried before in a restaurant and then having to pay for something that you didn’t care for? One of the great things I love about cruising is the opportunity to try new cuisine at no extra cost. This has allowed me to try frog legs, alligator, escargot, and a variety of other selections.  You can order multiple appetizers, entrees, and desserts at the same meal if desired.

Offers most bang for the buck –  The value that a cruise provides stands alone among the different types of vacations that are offered.  Cruises can usually be found starting at around $75-100 a day per person for an inside stateroom, (I have seen them as low as $30 when on sale) with $125/day common for ocean view.  Cruises include all of your food (usually 24/7) and nonalcoholic beverages, lodging, shipboard entertainment, and transportation from one port to another.  Complimentary activities included are bingo (nominal fee), water parks, miniature golf, 10-pin and lawn bowling, rock climbing, crafts (sometimes a fee), fitness classes, simulated sky-diving (fee), and seeing views from 300 feet up in the North Star; there’s simply too much to do on a single cruise!   Nowadays, you can’t even fly to a U.S. destination or drive from city to city around the country, pay for meals and lodging, let alone entertainment, at that rate.

Broadway style shows at no extra cost –  Most cruise ships offer Broadway style shows that come at no extra cost.  From CATS on Oasis of the Seas, Grease on the Harmony of the Seas to Witches of Paris on MSC Divina, you can take in an incredible show without having to pay a penny extra.  Most cruise lines regularly offer singers, magicians, and comedians, and some have acrobatic or contortionists, as complimentary entertainment as well. Some cruise lines bring local entertainment on board. Star Clippers brought a local steel drum band on board our Royal Clipper cruise in Grenada and Celebrity Cruises invited a Turkish Folkloric Show on board the Equinox while in Kusadasi.


Acrobatic Entertainment in the  Atrium on Grandeur of the Seas – photo by Mimi Auchter

Sunrises/sunsets at sea – Sunrises and sunsets at sea at nothing short of incredible.  On a cruise, you get to experience both every day of your vacation.  With a 360 degree view of the water, there are no bad views on a cruise.


Sunset as Viewed from the Aft of a Princess Ship

Brings out the best in people – There is something about cruising that brings out a side in people that you don’t see on land. I never get tired of seeing grandmas and grandpas dancing on the pool deck like they are 60 years younger. Is it the salty air or motion of the ocean?  Whichever it is, I hope it never stops.

More addictive than any other type of vacation – Anyone who has been on a cruise knows how addicting they can be.  There is a saying that goes: “If you are not on a cruise, you are either planning or thinking about your next one”.   Why are they so addicting?  Because a cruise is the best type of vacation that you can take, of course!


Rock Climbing on the Grandeur of the Seas – photo by Mimi Auchter

Cruise vacations literally come in all shapes and sizes for every individual depending on their interests and desired activities on board and also can sail to many North American as well as exotic destinations worldwide.  Getaway Dreams Come True “interviews” you to determine the best type of cruise for you or your group that meets your expectations as well as your budget.  There are short 3-5 day cruises to sample if you’re not sure about cruising or you can book a week-long or more vacation. There are many embarkation ports in the US including five in Florida and another 5 or so along each US coast (southern, eastern and western) sailing to many different ports, countries, and islands. You will be glad you trusted us with your lifetime memories vacation when you Contact Us by calling 724.752.2655 to schedule your personalized Vacation Planning Session.


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